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What happens if you become the next victim of cybercrime?


The potential for you or me to become the next victim of cybercrime is something that we both need to think about. I’ve been a victim a few times and I can tell you that it is frightening to be on the short end of the cybercriminal stick.

My heart was pounding…

Late one afternoon (in early 2011) my bank balance appeared to be dropping fast, and the only connection I could see was that it involved Megaupload Limited and PayPal. I contacted both PayPal and the 800 number to my bank, but I honestly did not feel as though they were […]

Protecting your privacy by keeping tabs on app permissions

How many apps have access to your information on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or LinkedIn? How many social media apps do your children use?

Not all app developers are created equal! There are developers that create apps that can access too much profile information and also post malicious links to your Facebook wall and spam friends and family. Some of these bad apps go viral and can compromise your Internet privacy and security too.

According to ZDNet, malicious hackers recently began selling $25.00 do-it-yourself  toolkits to anyone interested in creating and distributing dangerous Facebook applications.

The do-it-yourself toolkit offers a template for spreading […]

4 Social Networking Mistakes To Avoid

The rise in popularity of Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have made it easy for cybercriminals to establish trust and credibility. The ease of gaining information from social profiles and personal information that we share online often enables scammers to open the back door into our lives.

According to TechWorld:
One in five social media users has been negatively affected by information revealed on these networks, and more than one in ten have even had accounts hijacked, a survey by Barracuda Networks has found.

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