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Add Cocoon to your Internet Tool Kit Today

When I think of Cocoon — it’s not always about moths. Today, it is more about web privacy, security, and the means to minimize my digital footprint on the web. I’ve been consulting with Virtual World Computing for over 2.5 years now; the one thing that I have learned about Cocoon is that it has a place in my Internet tool kit for agenda that goes beyond Internet security and privacy. I also use Cocoon to search for information that I do not want attached to my Google, Bing, or Yahoo profile. I use Cocoon for many reasons, some not obvious— so, […]

Recap on Cocoon Features

We want to bring Internet security and privacy to a new level with our flagship Cocoon™ service. The Cocoon solution is to stop the problem before it reaches your computer. Traditional anti-virus solutions deal with the problem after it has reached your computer.

Internet threats are huge today. Every time you turn your head it appears that somebody is getting hacked or compromised in some way. Cocoon is here to offer an additional layer of security and privacy to your Internet browsing experience in the form of a Firefox plug-in.

Cocoon was created out of the belief that everyone should have access to the Web, have a right to online […]

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