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? in your privacy…

Last year Internet activist Eli Pariser spoke at TED about how popular search engines like Google uses data it collects on what we click and when we click it. What if you were curious about how bombs are made or about how terrorists operate? Could the information that you search for today cause Big Brother to kick you in the head tomorrow?

Maine State Rep, Diane Russel recently wrote at The Huffington Post that with the advent of social media we are watching our privacy rights disappear at a faster clip.
 The monitoring, tracking and even surveillance is so ubiquitous that most […]

Firefox and Fake Security Alerts

Chester Wisniewski of Sophos Security reported yesterday that scammers are at it again. If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, scammers detect your user-agent string and may present you with a fake Firefox security alert. The pop-up will state that it is scanning your system and that your system is affected by numerous virus attacks. It will then recommend that you click on the start protection button to erase all threats.  If you click on that button you will download the fake antivirus.

Chester sums it up well:
Taking advantage of detailed information about the person’s computer and software allows for a much […]