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Cocoon for KlaasKids Whitelist Instructions

Installing the Cocoon Whitelist Toolbar

Please start by clicking here to download a file named vwc_cocoon.xpi.

To Install vwc_cocoon.xpi.:
 -Open Firefox (if you don’t have it, download it at
-Find the file vwc_cocoon.xpi and drag it into your Firefox browser window
-Follow the installation steps through restarting Firefox
Create a Free Cocoon Account (if you don’t have one already)
In order to connect you to our database through the Cocoon toolbar, we need for you to have a free Cocoon account.

How to Signup:
-Go to
-Enter your email address, create a password and click the terms checkbox
-Check your email, and click the “Activate Account” button
How to Add […]

Virtual World Computing Launches Cocoon for Google Chrome

Free Software Protects from Viruses, Tracking, and Theft 

Dallas, TX -­‐ October 8, 2012 – Today, from the COMPTEL PLUS Convention in Dallas,  Virtual World Computing announced its latest free privacy plugin, Cocoon for Google Chrome. The company launched Cocoon for Firefox last year, praised by CNET as “…a serious contender for one of the best add-­‐ons of the year.” Earlier this year, Cocoon added Internet Explorer and iOS products. Cocoon for Chrome launched in beta today and will be available to the general public on November 12, 2012.

Cocoon is a free all-­‐in-­‐one plugin that protects people from being tracked and […]

How can I opt out of Google’s “No More Privacy Policy?”

Beginning March 1, 2012 the only way you will be able to opt out of the new Google privacy policy is to stop using Google services. Whether you continue to use their services or you decide to leave Google, there are some privacy concerns that you should be aware of.

Your Browsing History

The clock is ticking and you now have less than one week to delete your Google browsing history before it becomes a permanent part of your profile. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) provides instructions on how you can delete your Google web history before Google’s all-in-one new privacy policy takes effect.

Google’s Dashboard

PCWorld’s, Ian […]

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Cocoon launched as a FREE service & in the news!

Yesterday was a very busy day for Cocoon! Our service was announced as free over at the download blog on CNET and received a great review. Seth Rosenblatt from CNET wrote : “There aren’t many security-focused browser add-ons that funnel the entire Internet through a proxy before allowing it to reach you”

Traffic was pretty heavy on the Cocoon servers and our development and support teams were hard at work throughout the day. Blake and T.J. were monitoring and responding to all of your support requests and glued to their monitors!

We were also featured at Sys-Con Media and we like the way Sys-Con explained Cocoon services!
…the software […]

Firefox and Fake Security Alerts

Chester Wisniewski of Sophos Security reported yesterday that scammers are at it again. If you use the Mozilla Firefox browser, scammers detect your user-agent string and may present you with a fake Firefox security alert. The pop-up will state that it is scanning your system and that your system is affected by numerous virus attacks. It will then recommend that you click on the start protection button to erase all threats.  If you click on that button you will download the fake antivirus.

Chester sums it up well:
Taking advantage of detailed information about the person’s computer and software allows for a much […]

Cocoon is being watched!

Those of you who have been following this blog know that we’ve been working hard on Cocoon browsing features delivered through a plug-in for Firefox – thus offering protection and privacy through your favorite browser.

As you might imagine, attempting to merge technologies can create some challenges. While our engineers worked to overcome issues, they reached out to the Firefox development community for some help. When we explained the issue, without mentioning who we are, a developer asked “hey are you working on Cocoon?!?” Apparently some folks at Mozilla have been watching […]