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What happens if you become the next victim of cybercrime?


The potential for you or me to become the next victim of cybercrime is something that we both need to think about. I’ve been a victim a few times and I can tell you that it is frightening to be on the short end of the cybercriminal stick.

My heart was pounding…

Late one afternoon (in early 2011) my bank balance appeared to be dropping fast, and the only connection I could see was that it involved Megaupload Limited and PayPal. I contacted both PayPal and the 800 number to my bank, but I honestly did not feel as though they were […]

The Social Networking Hotbed

During the past decade social networking sites have become optimal grazing grounds for cybercriminals to easily target large pools of victims. With the free flow of personal information cybercriminals easily digest all this social data and devise targeted attacks that prey on consumers using social engineering tactics and sensationalism.

One of the biggest crowd enticers on Facebook is for the cybercriminal to produce an unbelievable video, rogue app or viral link that can be shared with a large number of users. The idea is to perpetuate a continuous bombardment of shared content that can spam the wall or messaging system […]

Fraudsters Set Their Sights on Seniors as Identity Theft Grows

The Internet has long been a place where people from the furthest corners of the planet meet to conduct their necessary or not-so-necessary business. Despite the wide range of uses the web provides, its abundant users remain infinitely diverse in technical ability. Cyber criminals will stop at nothing to find the perfect candidate for theft. Everything from the technically un-savvy to the cash-heavy to the flat out reckless is observed, analyzed, and targeted. Fraudsters have found that seniors who use the Internet are often more likely to fit the criteria they’re looking for in their next victim.

A 2010 study conducted by […]

Part 6: The Online Pickpockets of The World Wide Mall

You’ve heard of phishing attacks by now. We touched on some of the facts about these kinds of scams and discussed Norton’s claim that of the 12,000 or so people surveyed in 2011, roughly 10% admitted they have been the victim of a phishing attack in the last year.

Phishing occurs when a victim is tricked into handing over their private information under false pretenses. It’s a simple concept that can be executed via simplistic or complex methods.

Often enough, if a cyber criminal gets a hold of a victims email address, they may create a fake message appearing to come […]

Part 5: The Online Pickpockets of The World Wide Mall

You’ve read all about the risks of shopping online and by now even heard of some of the questionable solutions that are being considered by the U.S. government. Only now, you find yourself sitting at your local cafe taking advantage of that free WiFi. You’re frantically searching the Internet for an affordable gift to give your loved one for their birthday next week. Credit cards in hand, you write to friends on Facebook asking them for any last-minute advice before you make a purchase, and…STOP! Haven’t we taught you anything?

Not only are there a ton of things that could […]

Part 4: The Online Pickpockets of The World Wide Mall

We have taken a look at some of the ways commerce has evolved over the past decade, and the raw numbers that have emboldened the movement.  A worldwide surge of online espionage and crime has led initiatives by criminals, governments, and corporations into action. Each entity is striving to steal from, protect, and take advantage of the expanding scale to which online crime has tipped. It has become clear who’s after our money, but then who will protect us in this time of need?

Here in the United States, our government has become aware of the issue of online privacy […]

Part 3: The Online Pickpockets of The World Wide Mall

Brick and mortar shops are seeing their fair share of Internet usage too. If you’re old fashioned like I am, you probably still enjoy browsing the tactile selection of merchandise at your local mall or boutique. This sensation, however, is supplemented by the ability to pull out your mobile device and draw comparisons with online vendors, review forums, and so on.

According to the Pew American & Internet Life Project , 2012, 52% of adult Smartphone owners use their device while in a store to get help with purchasing decisions. During the 2011 holiday season, PayPal reported that more than […]

Part 2: The Online Pickpockets of The World Wide Mall


The Norton Cybercrime Report 2011 surveyed over 12,000 adults in 24 countries last year, and obtained some rather shocking results. Each day of the past year, the study suggests, over 1 million online adults in these 24 countries experienced cybercrime. The study determined the majority (54%) of those cases to be malware or virus attacks. The Second and third leading causes were online scams (11%) and phishing (10%), respectfully.

Norton estimated that the total bill for cybercrime in these 24 countries over the year in case was roughly $388 billion, which included time needed to recover. This astonishing amount nearly […]

Part 1: The Online Pickpockets of The World Wide Mall

Attention shoppers, the mall will be closing in, well, never. The times are changing, and consumerism is far from waning. Your local brick and mortar shops are struggling to keep their doors open; meanwhile, online commerce continues to grow at an alarming rate.

In the UK, for instance, online retailers saw sales nearly double the week before Christmas 2011 when compared to the same week one year prior, according to MetaPack. Similarly, e-commerce revenue continues to see exponential growth as online shopping grows. Total revenue in 1996 was $600 million, compared to roughly $680 billion in 2011, and climbing to […]

Cybercriminals are sharpening their tools

By Blake Bronstad

Commerce in today’s world pushes convenience like never before. With more and more businesses encouraging the use of their services online, consumers are offered increasingly attractive options in which they may stay productive on the Internet. Where the people go, so does the money; and where the money goes, criminals will follow. Just as the online community is growing and evolving, so is the world of cybercrime.

Cybercriminals are sharpening their tools and improving their methods, and the proof is out there. Last year’s breach of Sony’s Playstation Network brought the issue to
headlines around the world. The more recent […]