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Cocoon’s Top 5 “Back to School” Internet Security Threats

The majority of Internet security risk factors for the back-to-school-gang can be controlled with the right online tools, the right attitude (a willingness to learn and apply the necessary strategies) and the desire to become proactive versus reactive.
1. Weak Passwords
2. Privacy 
3. Malware
4. Mobile App Risks
5. Unsecured Wi-Fi

The web is often the perfect playground for cybercriminals’ to snare victims. Social media houses the glitter with connections, apps, games and traps. Major search engines feed the curious, but can also circumvent legitimate searches and replace them with offensive content.
1. Weak Passwords
Using the same weak password across multiple sites gives a hacker […]

Mobile malware is on the rise

Malware is no longer a threat that is exclusive to desktop operating systems. The RSA 2012 CYBERCRIME TRENDS REPORT white paper stated that 2011 marked the year of new advanced threats on a global basis. In 2012, cybercriminals are finding new and innovative ways to monetize non-financial data, while hacktivism is on the rise. They predict that “InfoStealers” for the mobile platform will emerge with Trojans that are designed to “keylog touch-screen input and monitor data traffic through the mobile device.”

The RSA Anti-Fraud Command Center (AFCC) reports that Zeus is responsible for 80% of all attacks against financial institutions and […]

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