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Online advertising can be very, very bad

Advertising (as defined by Wikipedia), is a form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience to take or continue to take some action.
Online Advertising
Advertising can get dirty. A new report released earlier this month: Online Advertising and Hidden Hazards to Consumer Security and Data Privacy by Senate Homeland security committee’s permanent subcommittee on investigations, concluded that while the Internet (as a whole) contains significant vulnerabilities, malware attacks delivered through online advertising are a real and growing problem.
A visit to an online news site may trigger interactions with hundreds of other parties that may be collecting information […]

Are Your Children Playing Junk Food Mobile App Games?


The Wall Street Journal recently reported that U.S. food companies are reaching children by embedding their products in mobile game apps. I downloaded a few games this morning and was not impressed.

It is too easy for a child to click a mobile ad; the “x”(to close the ad)  is minimal, while the ad itself is splashed across the screen. If you were a young child, would you click on the small x or the over-sized graphic?

My App Review: The SuperPretzel Factory by Sunstorm Interactive may be entertaining for a young child – the child presses different mixer buttons as she/he attempts to fill […]

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Cocoon’s Top 5 “Back to School” Internet Security Threats

The majority of Internet security risk factors for the back-to-school-gang can be controlled with the right online tools, the right attitude (a willingness to learn and apply the necessary strategies) and the desire to become proactive versus reactive.
1. Weak Passwords
2. Privacy 
3. Malware
4. Mobile App Risks
5. Unsecured Wi-Fi

The web is often the perfect playground for cybercriminals’ to snare victims. Social media houses the glitter with connections, apps, games and traps. Major search engines feed the curious, but can also circumvent legitimate searches and replace them with offensive content.
1. Weak Passwords
Using the same weak password across multiple sites gives a hacker […]

Online tracking: Who tracks you?

Every move you make on the Internet is being monetized by the advertising ecosystem.

“Already, the web sites you visit reshape themselves before you like a carnivorous school of fish, and this is only the beginning. Right now, a huge chunk of what you’ve ever looked at on the Internet is sitting in databases all across the world. The line separating all that it might say about you, good or bad, is as thin as the letters of your name. If and when that wall breaks down, the numbers may overwhelm the name.” –The Atlantic
Alexis Madrigal of  The Atlantic, recently begged […]

“Do Not Track” Initiative Is Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be

Following tremendous growth in consumer privacy advocacy, the Obama administration has been actively seeking support for its privacy bill of rights. In late February, the administration proclaimed its plan to enforce a “Do Not Track” mechanism in major web browsers for implementation in the coming months. The push represents Washington’s first initiative since the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, was shot down in January.

While the mechanism is meant to provide consumers with tools to avoid being tracked, critics are calling the effort half-baked as it only addresses a certain class of data collectors. So-called “first party” websites, which […]

Cocoon now blocks online advertising and Facebook tracking

According to a recent report from Dasient, there were over three million impressions served per day on malicious web advertisements, with more than one million web sites estimated to be infected in the final quarter of 2010. The report also predicted that after three months of browsing, the average Internet user would have a 95% chance of hitting an infected page. Not surprising was that this same report found that most social media networks were prone to being used as distribution platforms for malware.
Our most recent Cocoon product update includes server-side blocking of advertisements. At Mashable this is the advertisement that […]