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Public Wi-Fi? Legitimate, or rogue access point?

Public Wi-Fi is everywhere these days. Whether you are getting your oil changed, wolfing down some fast food from MacDonald’s, or stopping by the local brewery after work to nab a pint, you can access the Internet from just about anywhere  — for a price. Though it is convenient and saves money on your wireless data plan, is public Wi-Fi really free?

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
All public Wi-Fi (hotspots) can pose major security risks. If your device automatically connects to public Wi-Fi hot spots, you are in danger of having your data intercepted by a hacker. Do you really need to buy that […]

Smartphone secrets lost or stolen

In 2013, Americans lost approximately 1.4 million smartphones, while 3.1 million became victims of smartphone theft. So, if you are trusting your smartphone to keep all your secrets — you need to consider the possibility of theft or device loss.
When Smartphone panic looms
I get a really sick feeling that settles into the pit of my stomach when I realize my phone is no longer an extension of my hand. Sometimes I turn around in circles while I scan the area. Other times, I look a little crazy and overly-animated, but I always manage to get my act together. Either I login […]

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Travel And Technology: What I Can’t Live Without

Wondering what to take on the road when it comes to electronics?  You’re not the only one.  Long gone are the days where a basic camera and some binoculars were the height of travel gadgetry.  Walking into a hotel now requires a quick scan for the nearest plug (or plugs), the first thing I do is make sure everything is charged and ready to go. So what does a long term traveler have in her carry-on? I am giving you a glimpse into the things I am obsessed with having. That is not to say that I don’t have more […]

The Rise Of Mobile

Do you remember those clunky 2 pound mobile brick behemoths from the 80’s that featured walkie-talkie antennas? We’ve come a long way in mobile technology since then. Today we have mobile phones that are sleek, streamlined, and can easily disappear into your pocket.

According to The International Telecommunication Union, at the end of 2012 there was 6.8 billion mobile cell subscriptions worldwide (equivalent to 96 percent of the world population). In the US, 25 percent of Internet users are mobile only. On average: people check their smartphones 150 times a day and 44 percent bring their phones to bed, (or have them nearby), […]

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Top Mobile Security Apps For The Back To School Crowd

August is the last month of summer and also the beginning of the homestretch for back-to-school planning. It’s also time to seriously start thinking about securing your smartphone and to vet the apps that are already on your phone.  Selecting top mobile security apps for your device should be at the top of your to do list. 

Security researchers believe  that a serious vulnerability known as the master key flaw, could be present in 99% of Android devices. This flaw has the capability to allow an attacker to hijack any legitimate app without modifying its digital signature.
San Francisco-based Bluebox Security discovered the Android […]

Android Devices Vulnerable To More Malware Attacks

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Privacy dangers lurk in ubiquitous data-gathering mobile apps


While looking through my iPhone apps this morning, I found it disturbing that I really do not know what data all these mobile apps on my phone are collecting. We should not have to browse to a mobile app site to read their privacy policies – only to find out that we have limited choices, if any at all (if we want to use their software), in restricting the personal data that they collect.
What is going on, according to experts, is that applications like Angry Birds and even more innocuous-seeming software, like that which turns your phone into a […]

Are Your Children Playing Junk Food Mobile App Games?


The Wall Street Journal recently reported that U.S. food companies are reaching children by embedding their products in mobile game apps. I downloaded a few games this morning and was not impressed.

It is too easy for a child to click a mobile ad; the “x”(to close the ad)  is minimal, while the ad itself is splashed across the screen. If you were a young child, would you click on the small x or the over-sized graphic?

My App Review: The SuperPretzel Factory by Sunstorm Interactive may be entertaining for a young child – the child presses different mixer buttons as she/he attempts to fill […]

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What are mobile apps doing behind our backs?

The typical user has very little control over security and privacy settings of mobile devices. Many users are drawn to jailbreaking their devices so that they can manipulate tightly restricted and locked-down mobile operating systems. This comes at the cost of voiding device warranties.
One US company, Flurry Analytics, tracks 1.4 billion app sessions a day from more than 600 million smartphones and tablets. It offers more than 70,000 companies the chance to ”identify your best segments by demographics, interest, geography, usage and more”.
US-based researcher and consultant Ashkan Soltani said people are most valuable to advertisers when they have a […]

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10 Ways To Beef Up iPhone Security

I’m a coffee shop connoisseur; the most frequent mistake I see with fellow java-lovers is the ease with which they leave their iPhones or iPads lying on the table when they go to retrieve their order. My iPhone is like a third hand when I am in public space; I never let it out of my sight.

When I am in the city (or a high crime rate area), all my devices are carefully concealed. I never give criminals an open invitation to mug me. My Jeep never announces that any semblance of technology exists within.

The lucrative secondhand market for […]

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