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November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Virtual World Computing (VWC)

By |November 26th, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving holiday to all of our valued customers and friends. We believe that our customers, friends, and family are our greatest asset — it’s what keeps us moving forward in this global privacy battle. We are thankful that we love what we do here at VWC, and we appreciate all the support that we have received for Cocoon from our online community this year.
Thanksgiving is the time of year where we can all sit back and enjoy sharing food and warm conversations with family and friends. It’s a time to reflect and give gratitude for life itself.

We hope that you […]

Privacy: How public is your private information?

By |November 20th, 2014

Hackers, miscreants, identity thieves, the government, cyber-criminals, data miners, advertisers, and online stalkers are just a few of the entities that build profiles of you from public information that is freely available online.  Simply querying an online search engine like Google or Bing can reveal your social media identity and your public records identity. With just two pieces of information from social media and public records – identity thieves, miscreants and online stalkers can use Google street to see your house or TinEye to match up an image with your public profile.

From a criminal perspective – it’s a goldmine of […]

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Behavioral Advertising & Tracking | Creepy

By |November 6th, 2014

Through behavioral advertising, companies can collect information about your online browsing habits by building a profile that is tied to a random ID number. Through time and your digital footprint on the web, it is possible for these companies to guess your age group, gender, and purchase interests.
Behavioral Advertising Defined
TRUSTe defines Online behavioral advertising (OBA) as:
A broad set of activities companies engage in to collect information about your online activity (like webpages you visit) and use it to show you ads or content they believe to be more relevant to you.
From brand advertisers to mobile apps, and from search engines to […]

October 2014

Public Wi-Fi? Legitimate, or rogue access point?

By |October 21st, 2014

Public Wi-Fi is everywhere these days. Whether you are getting your oil changed, wolfing down some fast food from MacDonald’s, or stopping by the local brewery after work to nab a pint, you can access the Internet from just about anywhere  — for a price. Though it is convenient and saves money on your wireless data plan, is public Wi-Fi really free?

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots
All public Wi-Fi (hotspots) can pose major security risks. If your device automatically connects to public Wi-Fi hot spots, you are in danger of having your data intercepted by a hacker. Do you really need to buy that […]

Smartphone secrets lost or stolen

By |October 17th, 2014

In 2013, Americans lost approximately 1.4 million smartphones, while 3.1 million became victims of smartphone theft. So, if you are trusting your smartphone to keep all your secrets — you need to consider the possibility of theft or device loss.
When Smartphone panic looms
I get a really sick feeling that settles into the pit of my stomach when I realize my phone is no longer an extension of my hand. Sometimes I turn around in circles while I scan the area. Other times, I look a little crazy and overly-animated, but I always manage to get my act together. Either I login […]

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Cocoon + AudioEye to offer accessible web surfing

By |October 8th, 2014

Accessible web surfing
We are pleased to announce that AudioEye®, Inc., creator of the Audio Internet® patented audio browsing and automated publishing technology platform has entered into cross-licensing and re-seller agreements with our Cocoon branded secure browser.

We are very excited about working with AudioEye® and developing a browser which enables individuals with hearing, seeing, learning and motor function disabilities to have better and more secure access to the web. Through this partnership, the privacy and security Cocoon provides will now include better accessibility for all users.
We are dedicated
We’ve always been dedicated to the end-user’s Internet experience and in bringing Internet […]

Travel Abroad: 4 Quick-Start Tips

By |October 2nd, 2014

Travel abroad
When you travel abroad it is not as easy as flying on a commuter flight from LA to San Francisco. You have to plan your trip from start to finish, deal with TSA checkpoints, check travel warnings, and worry about your overall safety while trying to blend in with the local culture. You wouldn’t want to be that dastardly American who hand gestures a pepper mill to the eatery server (while dining in Southern Italy)  — because you would be calling your server crazy…

If your travel destination was Tanzania, you would most likely wear safari-colored clothing because tsetse flies are known to […]

September 2014

Net Neutrality: Don’t Break the Net

By |September 8th, 2014

Net neutrality prevents corporate ISP providers from telling you what types of content you are authorized to view online and provides a level playing field for everyone. There are no Internet fast lanes or slow lanes (unless you are on dial-up). The entire purpose of net neutrality is that cable and phone companies should treat all websites on the Internet equally.
For example, Comcast would probably like to promote NBC’s content over ABC’s to its Internet subscribers. That’s because Comcast and NBC are affiliated. But net neutrality prevents Comcast from being able to discriminate, and it must display both NBC’s and […]

August 2014

IceBrowser’s Indiegogo Campaign Is Live!

By |August 28th, 2014

The IceBrowser Indiegogo campaign is officially up and running
Your Internet: Encrypted. Offshore, secured, and private. Not only will you be able to browse the web privately and securely from their encrypted servers in Iceland  – they also provide some cool perks.

While this first iteration is a very promising and capable start, we need your support to build our network of well-kept servers and feature set. While web browsers are finally starting to understand the need for privacy and security online, corporations, government organizations, and cyber criminals are updating their tactics at an even […]

Website policies & the immortal soul clause

By |August 20th, 2014

Do you ever read website policies (terms and conditions, terms of service, privacy policies, and other policies) at all the free websites that you sign up for? Do you really know (without a shadow of doubt) what terms and conditions you are actually agreeing to? Seriously, most people don’t have a clue — and most don’t even know if they sold their soul for an online purchase.

The immortal soul clause
Four years ago GameStation played an April fools prank and added an immortal soul clause to their terms of service whereby 7,500 online shoppers agreed to grant the company a non transferable […]